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Blog Post

A Special Invitation from HOW Favorite Stefan Mumaw

So, HOW Design Live is coming up. Yeah, it’s just a few weeks away. Sneaks up on you, doesn’t it? This year, it’s happening in one of my favorite cities of all time. Chicago is an AMAZING place in the spring. As a creative, it’s incredibly inspiring.

And isn’t that why we go to HOW Design Live in the first place? To be inspired? To remember what it felt like when we first started out in this industry, the joy we had when we’d make something from nothing and put it out into the world. Life and work and responsibility and business sometimes squashes that joy, huh? It does for me, too. It does for everyone, and that’s the point. You’re not alone.

Every creative needs five fundamental things to breathe: inspiration, motivation, opportunity, respect, and belonging. It’s what binds us together as creatives, it’s what we share: an innate need for the same things. That’s why HOW Design Live is such an important event. We fill up on the things that give us life and bring us joy.

We are around other people who are going through the same things we are, they are experiencing the same wins, the same losses, the same hurdles, and the same workarounds. They love what you love. They fight what you fight. HOW Design Live isn’t just a conference. It’s where everyone gets you. It’s class, and church, and dorm, and gallery, and party, and reunion, and summer camp, and team meal, and prom, all rolled into one week.

If you haven’t registered to come, consider this your invitation. I want you there. Not for you, I’m not that thoughtful. For me. Because you understand me, and when I walk the halls between sessions and hang out at the restaurants around the Hyatt Regency and walk the inspiring streets of this amazing city and I see you, and you nod and smile, I know exactly what you mean. That feeling of belonging is rare and valuable, and absolutely vital to feeling like a creative again. You need it. I need it. Come to HOW Design Live. No, seriously, I mean it and I’m bigger than you. 


Stefan Mumaw, Director of Creative Strategy, Hint