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Aaron Irizarry

Aaron aka “Ron”, is the Head of Experience Infrastructure at Capital One.  He loves all things user experience, problem solving, and design process. Having worked for Fox/IGN, HP, Nasdaq, and now Capital One, Aaron loves sinking his teeth into complex problems. Aaron speaks at events and provides training for companies on design team structure, communication, and collaboration, and is the co-author of Discussing Design.

More importantly Aaron is a master of the BBQ arts, lover of Heavy Metal, lifelong Dodgers fan. You can follow his ramblings here.

Critique and The Design Process: Facilitating Better Feedback

Conversations about the quality and effectiveness of your design work can be challenging. In this presentation, Aaron Irizarry, author of Discussing Design, examines the language, rules, and strategies for critique. You’ll learn takeaways to immediately put to work for creating a useful, collaborative environment for discussing design.

  • An understanding of where critique fits within the design process and how to incorporate it into projects.
  • Methods for gathering useful feedback from clients and teammates.
  • Filtering solid critiques from personal opinion.
  • Critique and remote teams, how to make it work.
  • Challenges to critique and the path to better conversations.