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Accelerate High-Volume Collateral Delivery by 90% with Online Proofing


How the world’s largest retailers cut routing & approval time from days to just minutes

The marketing departments at large-scale retailers are inundated with collateral projects, and the sheer volume and variety can make routing and proofing a major obstacle to on-time delivery.  

At Guitar Center, the world’s largest musical instrument retailer, those projects run the gamut from print ads and post cards, signage, radio and TV spots and web graphics, to buyers’ guides and large scale catalogs that range from 16 to more than 200 pages. Adding to the complexity, review teams might include more than 120 people. The workflow can be rather daunting.

Rapid Growth Exposes Inefficiencies

Like many other retailers have experienced, as the company expanded with new storefronts and into new markets, the demand for collateral skyrocketed. Guitar Center’s hard copy proofing and manual routing process could hardly keep pace, growing increasingly inefficient and cumbersome to manage. Director of Merchandise Operations James Smith and his team were spending far too much time managing proof distribution, gathering feedback and consolidating hand-written comments.

Recognizing the need to streamline the process, Smith began evaluating digital options. Chief among his demands: he needed a tool that could be deployed quickly, was intuitive and user-friendly to ensure quick adoption, but that was also flexible and scalable to accommodate both small projects and massive volumes of content and large teams.

Online Proofing Streamlines Routing & Approval

Online proofing tools have emerged as the high-efficiency solution of choice for fast-paced, high-volume companies, allowing teams to collaborate on creative assets digitally, eliminating the hassle of hard-copy proofing.

Cloud-based ProofHQ by Workfront allows designers to upload proofs in any of 150+ file types (including rich media) to the dashboard, then flag the necessary reviewers who can then make comments directly within creative assets. As each reviewer signs off, the proof moves automatically to the next reviewer through an automated workflow that keeps projects moving through the pipeline.

With features like built-in versioning control and regulatory compliance, secure proofing and mobile accessibility, ProofHQ provides a comprehensive solution allowing creative teams to track real-time status, save time, hassle and frustration, and dramatically accelerate delivery time.

Save Time, Reduce Hassle & Speed Delivery by 90%

At Guitar Center, deploying Workfont’s ProofHQ cut proof management time by more than 90 percent, reducing what once might take hours or even days into a 15-minute process. Not only has the solution dramatically accelerated productivity, but it’s also reduced bottlenecks, making it much easier for the marketing team to review and the design team to incorporate proof comments. The enhanced visibility has reduced revision cycles and accelerated speed-to-market, allowing Guitar Center’s creative team to keep pace with the company’s growing collateral needs.

“Working with ProofHQ has been such a great experience for us,” Smith said. “The product is top-notch and the customer service has been wonderful.”

To learn more about how Workfront’s ProofHQ can help creative teams accelerate collateral delivery while maintaining quality and brand integrity to drive business results, visit