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Become a Design Force to be Reckoned With—by Becoming Your Best Self

You put a lot of time into considering how your work is perceived—but do you do the same for yourself? As hard as it can be to acknowledge, when it comes to the workplace, we present our own distinctive “brand” to the world. As designers, you are not only generating new ideas on a daily basis, you are also constantly convincing clients and colleagues that your work is valuable too. If you want to project your best self—you at your most confident, collected, and creative—take a listen to HOW Design Live 2017 Keynote Amy Cuddy in her powerful TED Talk about the way we present ourselves to the world.

It’s easy to see why her talk is one of the most–watched in the conference’s history. She’ll be bringing her same positive, engaging worldview to the #HOWLive stage, along with her deep background in the social sciences. After all, HOW is part-design conference, part conference for designing a better you.