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Behind the Scenes at HOW Design Live (Part One) with Debbie Millman

By Diana Mosher, Content Director

Why do so many HOW Design Live attendees head to the conference every year? It’s the place where entire teams gather to recharge their creativity for the next 12 months, get the tools they need to perform even better, reconnect with friends, make new career connections and much more. So it’s essential that we keep our content fresh and engaging. That’s the huge role played by our HOW Design Live Program partners: Debbie Millman, Andrew Gibbs, Ilise Benun and Zachary Petit.

We asked these masterminds behind the 2017 program to share what HOW Design Live means to them and reveal some details about what we have in store for you when you join us in Chicago. Register today to beat the Early Bird Deadline. In Part One of our four-part series, we talk to How Design Live 2017 Program Partner Debbie Millman. She is Founder and Host of the Design Matters Podcast, Co-founder of the Graduate Program in Branding at SVA, and Editorial and Creative Director of Print Magazine.

Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman is founder and host of the award-winning Design Matters Podcast

Why did you agree to be a Program Partner?

Debbie Millman: I love working on events and bringing people together for inspiration and education. I also love HOW Design Live—I couldn’t imagine not going every year—HOWies are family! My work with the conference is a perfect intersection of my affection for the conference and my desire to add meaningful discourse to an already awesome annual event.

What does How Design Live mean to you? 

Debbie Millman: HOW Design Live features a very special set of presentations with some of the most remarkable and innovative thinkers of our time. Speakers have been chosen from a diverse cross-section of disciplines to create an environment for participants that are one part learning, one part observation, one part renewal and one part elevation. The common denominator that the HOW Design Live speakers share is brilliance. Our speakers are simply some of the best minds in design today. It’s like having a dream team of amazingness all in one place.

Why did you select certain speakers for this year’s program?

Debbie Millman: Because I am a big fan of their work and hoped beyond hope that an invitation to this great conference would entice them. And it did!

What highlights of the 2017 program are you most excited about?

Debbie Millman: I am really excited about welcoming Malcolm Gladwell and DeeDee Gordon back to the conference; they joined us in 2014 and rocked the house. I am sure they will do it again! I am also super-excited about Amy Cuddy! This will be her first time at HOW Design Live. Her presentations at TED were enthralling and I can’t wait to see her in person at HOW Design Live.

What are the benefits of attending HOW Design Live every year? 

Debbie Millman: The benefits of attending HOW Design Live every year are vast! Between the non-stop inspiration, the incredible networking, the once-in-a-lifetime speakers, the parties and the swag, HOW Design Live is a guarantee of five unforgettable, fabulous days.

Stay tuned for Part Two of our four-part series. We’ll talk to HOW Design Live 2017 Program Partner Andrew Gibbs. He’s the Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the Dieline, Dieline Conference and Dieline Awards. Andrew will reveal some details about what we have in store for you when you join us in Chicago on May 2-6. Register today to beat the Early Bird Deadline!