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Eleanor Handley – HOW Design Live Speaker – on being an introvert, communication, and being genuine

By Ilise Benun, Programming Partner and Founder of Can an introvert be a good presenter or an excellent communicator? Eleanor Handley says yes. In fact, she believes that even if you are the world’s shyest person, or even if you hate to present, or both, you can use the tools she teaches to make an…

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How Val Head Developed Self Confidence By Ilise Benun of

On the recent HOW Design Live Podcast (Episode #72), I interviewed Val Head, Adobe’s design evangelist of UX innovation, on a wide range of topics, from chatbots to confidence, including, of course, her HOW Design Live topic, Designing A New Reality: Chatbots, VR & Beyond. Val works closely with the teams building tools for the…

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A Talk on Brand Authenticity from HOW Live Events

The old adage of “Fake It Until You Make It” has been replaced with a new statement –– “You Can’t Make It If You Fake It.” During HOW DESIGN LIVE 2017, Hamish Campbell of Pearlfisher discussed how to build the world’s most desirable brands, challengers and icons. In it, he discussed his belief that brands…

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