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How to Spec the Perfect Paper for your Brand

We’ve all heard the buzzwords: omni-channel campaign, content marketing, storytelling…I could go on and on. We’ve all read the blogs and know they are essential considerations for developing (and maintaining) any brand. But one point often left out is the importance of print and paper to any brand. As a creative, you owe your brand…

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How Much of Where You’re From Shows Up in Your Design?

Most of the time, it’s our accents that inadvertently tell our story. A drawl and the listener can recognize you’re from the south. Drop an ‘r’ or two and someone might suspect you’re from Boston. But how has where you’re from influenced your design? And how do you make the most of it? At HOW…

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Become a Design Force to be Reckoned With—by Becoming Your Best Self

You put a lot of time into considering how your work is perceived—but do you do the same for yourself? As hard as it can be to acknowledge, when it comes to the workplace, we present our own distinctive “brand” to the world. As designers, you are not only generating new ideas on a daily…

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