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New for 2018

HOW Design Live Program: All New for 2018

Nothing ever stands still at HOW Design Live. We’re always tweaking and tinkering to ensure that we keep the conference fresh, exciting and relevant. And we listen. During and after every HOW Design Live we solicit feedback from as many attendees as possible so we know what you want and what you need.

This year we will still have our jam-packed program of sessions and speakers, but we’ve added new programming for 2018 including a selection of pre-conference educational offerings:


VIP Ticket – The VIP is a concierge-level pass to HOW Design Live. Available only to attendees with a Big Ticket or a 3-Day Ticket, the VIP exclusives will make your HOW Design Live experience even more remarkable! Not only do you get priority access to all sessions, keynotes and networking events for each day of your registration, you also get video recordings from most of the sessions. You will also receive additional benefits unique to VIP registrants that will make your HOW Design Live experience even more remarkable. There are limited quantities available, so upgrade today! 




Back by popular demand, these 90 minute sessions dive deep with hands-on activity and small group collaboration. The workshops will range from hand lettering to UX design to Acting 101 for Creatives. Each will help you develop a useful skill that you can use immediately. Each workshop is limited to 50 people to ensure the best experience. Register early to guarantee a seat.



Extended, intensive, single topic 90 minute sessions presented by top experts. Each master class is designed to be very instructional so you will walk away with a deep understanding of the topic and actionable take aways. Session topics will include sketch noting, web design tools for print designers and creative team management.


Get Better Clients Bootcamp: Presented by Marketing Mentor

How do you get better clients? That’s the question that every speaker at this ½ day intensive “bootcamp” will have a different answer to, a simple strategy that can be implemented by creative entrepreneurs at all levels, from solopreneurs to agency owners.

In seven 20 minute sessions, each speaker will share their practical, how-to marketing tool/strategy. Strategies could include: Speaking engagement, thought leadership and content marketing, contact marketing (super-focused and customized direct outreach to dream clients) and getting PR and media attention.



IHAF Masters Series

We’re pleased to announce a brand new block of programming, the IHAF Masters Series. This two-part offering provides creative contributors and corporate executives with opportunities to exchange insights and experiences regarding what’s trending in house. Creative contributors are invited to participate in IHAF Master Classes on opening day, with Senior Leaders & Executives encouraged to attend one or more CMO Strategy Sessions throughout the week. This series is sponsored by the In-House Agency Forum (IHAF)—the leading professional membership association for internal agencies. As the foremost authority on the in-house model, IHAF delivers content and cultivates community to enhance the influence and impact of corporate advertising and creative organizations.


IHAF Master Classes

Join IHAF for a compelling selection of instructional workshops, each highlighting one of the top trends in house today. Corporate marketing and design managers from leading national brands will walk you through the steps they took to advance the talent on their teams, resulting in some of the highest performing in-house agencies (and some of the best work) in the country.


CMO Strategy Sessions with IHAF

What is your corporate creative group doing to explore new opportunities, expand into new areas, and break new ground to lead your company’s brand? IHAF’s CMO Strategy Sessions explore a new topic each day—from functional competencies and service offerings to project composition and operating practices. Intended specifically for senior leaders and marketing executives, these discussion groups will challenge you to come up with new ways to expand the capacity, capability, practice areas, and potential of your team.



Spark Sessions

Think of these as small bursts of creative magic. Short, high-energy presentations prior to each keynote designed to inspire and help you find your creative spark!

As always, YOU get to design the HOW Design Live experience that best suits your needs, goals and interests. Browse the full conference program and choose the sessions that are right for you.



“People who’ve been going for many years still have those ‘aha’ moments. Every time you go, you can have that kind of transcendent experience.”
— Jennifer Lemerand, HOW Champion