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HOW Design Live Manifesto

Zac Petit


DESIGN HAS POWER. You just need to know how to wield it effectively. 

MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS ARE WORTH A FEW BUCKS. But real motivation—the kind that you can’t get in a meme—is priceless.

IT IS POSSIBLE to change the world with design. You just need to know where to start.

YOU SHOULD NOT make the logo bigger.

CREATIVITY IS INDEED CONTAGIOUS. And at some gatherings, it’s impossible to be immune to it.

WE ARE MORE THAN THE SUM OF OUR SOFTWARE. We are more than the sum of our business cards.

YOU ARE A PIECE OF A MUCH LARGER PUZZLE. And when those pieces connect, you become part of a tribe.

THE FREAK FLAGS OF INDIVIDUALITY EXIST FOR A REASON. They are meant to be flown, and never at half-mast.

GREATNESS CAN BE HAD—if you’re willing to fight for it.

THE STATUS QUO IS DEAD. Or at least you should act like it is.

YOU CAN BREAK THROUGH ARCHAIC WALLS. You just need to know where the battering ram is.

WE STAND AGAINST SPEC WORK. And, well, comic sans.

CURIOSITY KILLS CATS. It empowers the rest of us.

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