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Blog Post

HOW + GOOD = Impact

Justin Ahrens

At Rule29 we believe that we, as creatives, are made to make creative matter. We believe that any firm, no matter its size—sole proprietor, boutique, in-house, or large multi-national agency—can impact the world locally, nationally, and globally. 

This happens most powerfully when you have a vision that serves as your true north no matter what circumstances in life or business come your way. That is what making creative matter is for us. More specifically, here is how we talk about it:

As creatives, we’ve decided to occupy ourselves not so much with what we see, but rather how we see. 

How we notice the every day. How we approach beauty. 

How we recognize the absurd
. And how we look for the forgotten.

Here’s what we know to be true: We see the world differently. 

We understand design changes our experience.

We know stories shape us. That wonder awakens us.

We believe that the only way tomorrow will be better than today is if we help others see possibility more clearly.

This is why we make creative matter. This is who we are. This is what we do. This is our story.

HOW Design Live has supported our community and empowered the way we (collectively) live our passion in more ways than I can count. Throughout the last fifteen years of being part of this family, HOW has been integral to my career in developing friendships, a professional network, and providing opportunities to make myself and my company better. Five years ago, I had lunch with a fellow HOWie during the conference. We ended up talking for hours about our shared dreams of making a positive difference in the world, and how we might support each other in doing more than talking about these plans. Since that day, we both have been involved in initiatives that have impacted thousands around the world. Think about it: A quick bite to eat led to a decision to go out and try to help change people’s lives—amazing.

With another HOW week quickly approaching, we eagerly look forward to more stories of transformation. As a community, we come together each year at HDL to be inspired, receive “HOW TO” direction to change our firms and our lives, and this year, we will make a lasting impact on the global water crisis. That project that was talked about just a few years back at a HOW Conference is now an official part of the experience. We can’t wait to share our design for good project Wheels4Water with you. Together, we will change lives! Get ready to come to Chicago, widen your perspective, and join me as I explore why Good Is Good for Business. I truly believe that authentic goodness, driven by conviction and compassion rather than marketing schemes and buzzwords, has the power to transform your business and how you think about it. 

It’s going to be an amazing week, so come ready to learn HOW to impact someone’s world—I’m betting it will be yours.

Now is the time to commit—your best rate ends May 1. And don’t forget to book your discounted hotel room before it’s gone.

PS: Wheels4Water is planning some really exciting and interactive activities in the Exhibit Hall, so be sure to check it out and support the cause!