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How Much of Where You’re From Shows Up in Your Design?

Most of the time, it’s our accents that inadvertently tell our story. A drawl and the listener can recognize you’re from the south. Drop an ‘r’ or two and someone might suspect you’re from Boston. But how has where you’re from influenced your design? And how do you make the most of it?

At HOW Design Live, Dana Arnett’s Keynote, Pioneers, Prophets and Provocateurs, promises to be an inspiring meditation on the ways Chicago has influenced his iconic career, threading the city’s design past to his ever-changing present — from the early beginnings of the American Bauhaus, Container Corporation and Unimark, to the preeminent evolution of VSA Partners (a firm Arnett knows well as a Founding Partner and Vice Chairman).

As a former member of the AIGA National Board of Directors and current board member of the Architecture and Design Society of the Art Institute of Chicago, and The Chicago Children’s Theater, Arnett is uniquely positioned to comment on the ways design and the city of Chicago—long known for its design legacy and branding prowess—have challenged, informed, and contributed to one another’s growth over the years.

Oh, and the best part? This all just happens to take place in Chicago. Spend your #HOWLive time being inspired by some of design’s leading lights—and your downtime marveling at Chicago’s infectious design energy. We think you’ll return with a fresh perspective on your home and renewed enthusiasm for your design.