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Join Malcolm Gladwell and DeeDee Gordon in Conversation at HOW Design Live

As a creative, you’re tasked with being equal parts innovator and trend-watcher, behavioral analyst and spontaneous artist—all while being a disruptor on a deadline. To walk this tightrope well, you have to train your mind to think in new ways and always be stretching your creative boundaries.

There are few experts who better understand your role—or are better equipped to guide you—than Malcolm Gladwell, New York Times bestselling author of now-classic titles, including Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers. And HOW offers you the rare opportunity to see for yourself how this fantastic mind works—as Gladwell takes the stage in conversation with Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator, Founder of the-Collaboratory, DeeDee Gordon.

Expect a meaningful dialogue about what it means to stay mentally nimble and creatively flexible—and to go back to work excited for the challenge all over again. In the meantime, you can catch a sneak preview of Gladwell in action below: