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May 7-10, 2019

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5 Ways to Convince Your Boss You Need to Register for HOW Design Live!

In just five (4!) days, rates for HOW Design Live will increase. Yep, January 24 is the Early Bird Registration deadline-and you’ll save (especially on the Big Ticket) if you register before then. 

Say you’re already convinced that HOW Design Live offers the brain boost you need. But maybe your boss requires a little persuasion before you can join hundreds of your peers in Chicago this May 2-6. 

Need help making your case? Here’s the key: It’s not about you. Instead, talk to your boss about return on investment-how sending you to HOW Design Live will pay dividends for the company. A couple of key points to make:

Visit our website to view more and download a persuasive letter.  We’re sure your boss will agree that HOW Design Live offers tremendous ROI. Make your case. Choose conference sessions your boss will agree to. And register today! Look at you: saving the company money by beating the Early Bird deadline!