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Blog Post

Kaivan Dave

Founder & CEO @ Glyder

Kaivan Dave is a growth marketer. He nourishes brands by providing them with healthy nutrients they need to grow into big, strong corporations that make the people who hired him very healthy and happy that they found him. 

At Viviscal Kaivan was responsible for quadrupling their revenue and growing their Direct-to-consumer business. In 3 years, he grew his team from a one-man show to an in-house agency. His creative vision and expertise allowed the entire company to benefit from his new strategic direction. Lifes2Good, brand Viviscal, was recently sold to Church & Dwight in 2016 for a reported €150m. 

After his departure from Lifes2Good, he Joined RXBAR and within three months he was able to break the company’s Direct-to-consumer sales record in Jan 2017. Additionally, in May of 2017, he spearheaded the completion of an entire website redesign project and in October 2017 Kellogg acquired RXBAR for $600M. 

In June 2017, Kaivan’s pursued his American Dream one more time with Glyder. A CPG brand that creates beautifully designed personal care products that inspire love and confidence in the world.