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One of the secrets to good brand messaging? Good design. HOW Design Live is your guide.

Marketing and design are inseparable.

Marketing creates interest in a brand. Design communicates the brand’s features and benefits.

Good design communicates the brand message effectively. Logo design, typography and color choices form a brand’s identity that can raise a brand’s visibility, increase user engagement and interaction, reinforce the brand message and even evoke an emotional response.

Marketers and designers have the same goals, but look at them from different perspectives. Marketers use words like content, conversions, funnel, and brand tone. When a designer talks about the same project, they will focus on hierarchy, purpose, emotion, and user experience.

A survey we did of attendees from HOW Design Live 2016 revealed that attendees wanted more programming on “design & marketing” and branding. In fact, many of the most popular sessions at the 2016 conference were on those topics.   

While marketing and design are dependent on each other, there still needs to be more collaboration between marketers and designers. 

We help foster that collaboration as follows:

Last, but not least, our usual eclectic lineup of cultural influencers and creative thinkers such as Malcolm Gladwell, Amy Cuddy, Brian Collins, Mauro Porcini, Natasha Jen, David Carson, Debbie Millman, Pum Lefebure, Lisa Congdon, Timothy Goodman, Frank Chimero, Jeffrey Zeldman, DeeDee Gordon, Kelli Anderson, Dana Arnett and, finally, Seymour Chwast.

For over 25 years HOW Design Live has been the premiere conference for creative professionals and if you’ve never had a “HOW Experience”, it’s not too late. Register today!