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Jen Lemerand Shares Her HOW Design Live ‘Aha’ Moment

By Diana Mosher, Content Director

Chicago-based creative director and graphic designer Jen Lemerand at Upside-down Creative told us that she loves meeting new people at HOW Design Live. “While it’s fascinating to hear from speakers and professionals in the industry, I think the real bread and butter is in between the sessions, getting to meet people with different backgrounds, from different parts of the country, with different experiences—and seeing what makes them tick,” Lemerand said in an interview with Bryn Mooth.


Since 2003, Jen has attended seven HOW Design Live conferences and she even became a HOW Champion. One  of her HOW Champion assignments in Atlanta was to shoot a series of short interviews with conference attendees. Watch Jen’s videos.

“The first couple of times at HOW Design Live, I was blown away by the content, and I walked away feeling great about everything I could apply in my job and in my talents,” said Jen in her interview with Bryn.

But it took a bit longer to realize the incredible networking opportunities that the conference offers. Watch the video to see how Jen broke the ice and became a true HOWie!

“At my first conference, I was still fairly new to the profession, and I’d never been to anything like this. I didn’t realize there’s a creative community that I could become a part of, in order to better myself as a creative and to have a better understanding of what’s going on in the industry,” Jen said.

“At the second conference, I realized I hadn’t met anyone else — I knew that it was on me, that if I want to make the most of this, I have to put myself out there, and that can be a little hard to do. It’s what you make of it for yourself.” See the complete HOW Design Live 2017 program and schedule and check out all the exceptional speakers our Program Partners have lined up for you. Register by January 24 for the best price!