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Blog Post

The Purpose of HOW Design Live

Gary Lynch

All businesses, including events, need to have a purpose.

There needs to be a reason why we exist and that our existence makes an impact, either large or small, in helping to move the world forward in a positive, affirming way.

It sounds ambitious, but it really isn’t. Everyone and everything exists for a reason, right? If you can’t define your purpose then why exist at all?

 Here at HOW Design Live we spend quite a bit of time thinking about what role we play in the design profession and how we can make a difference in your careers and lives. And this is our purpose…

HOW Design Live exists to remind you of why you became a designer in the first place and to remind you that what you do makes a difference and has the capacity to change the world. 

HOW Design Live exists to help you identify what has meaning in your work and how you can shape your career, or life, to ensure that what you do is meaningful in whatever way is meaningful to you.

HOW Design Live exists to bring together like minded people who share the same sensibility about creativity and to help foster relationships and friendships that can last a lifetime.

HOW Design Live exists to embrace and celebrate you and the essential role you play in our world.

That’s what we believe. Every person on the HOW Design Live team believes in our purpose. It’s the source of our passion and the energy we bring to work every day. We exist to serve you and your best interests because we believe every one of you can make a difference.

The power of design is becoming increasingly important in our world and HOW Design Live is a catalyst to harness and release that power. It’s where creatives converge to ignite their passion and create their futures. It’s where you need to be.

HOW Design Live 2018 is the best conference we’ve ever created and it simply can’t be missed. Please join us on this journey of discovery and purpose. It’s a journey you will never forget.