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Top 10 Reasons YOU need to be in Boston for HOW Design Live 2018

Industry leaders. Business gurus. Thought leaders. Inspiring designers. Master creators. They’re going to be in Boston… but it won’t be the same without YOU!

 Maybe you still need a little convincing … so we’re going to rock the top 10 reasons why you simply cannot miss HOW Design Live this year.

10) A never-before-assembled lineup of supremely talented keynote and breakout session speakers who will utterly blow your mind. Some are new to you; some are names you’ve known and for years and you’ve thought “I can’t wait until I can see them on the main stage at HOW Design Live”! We’ve pulled together an amazing group of designers, authors, innovators, leaders, investigators. This is YOUR year to be at HOW Design Live!

9) Be inspired. Daily. Minute-by-minute. This happens when you’re in a keynote, or in a break-out session, or in the exhibit hall, or simply walking the halls. Inspiration and energy are everywhere and it won’t be the same without YOU!

8) Speakers who don’t just do their 60 minutes and leave—they immerse themselves in the HOW Design Live goodness right along with you. You can easily find yourself sitting side-by-side with a speaker who just inspired you or nudged you along in your career path. This is YOUR year!

7) The latest trends in marketing, logo design, digital print and more will be there for you to discover. You’ll find new ways to tap into these trends and put your own spin on them to help YOU in YOUR career.

6) The HOWie CommunityYOUR tribe. Long-time attendees and first-time attendees connect at HOW Design Live, and the real HOW magic happens! These passionate creators will inspire, support and welcome you. They’ll walk along side you all 4 days of HOW Design Live and stay in touch long after the closing keynote.

5) THE superior source of expert learning about packaging and branding: The Dieline Conference (sessions included with your HOW Design Live registration).

4) Supersmart creative business advisors armed with the advice you need to run a strong practice and develop a killer career: Emily Cohen, Ilise Benun, Katie Lane — we’re looking at you!

3) Boston! One of HOW Design Live’s favorite destination cities. The culture, the restaurants, the parks, the history. The list is long and there’s a reason we keep coming back to Boston!

2) A program that’s specifically designed to build the skills and expertise YOU need to be successful. Design the experience that best fits your needs and interests. We’ve given you a lot to pick from… make it YOURS!

1) YOU! You’re the reason to attend—your career, your passion, your creative rejuvenation. HOW Design Live is a lot more than a location, a program or a group of amazing speakers. Our attendees make the experience one-of-a-kind and one YOU can’t miss! Join this group of like-minded designers, creators, marketers and share your voice, your ideas and your passion.

Don’t miss out! Register by March 15 and you’ll save $500 on your Big Ticket and Big Ticket Plus (our VIP package with perks and an exclusive reception).