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Rhonda Schaller

Rhonda is a visiting Associate Professor; Director of Career & Professional Development and founder of the Meditation Incubator at Pratt Institute. She is an artist, author and educator working with visualization and mindfulness meditations as creative deepening and career-planning tools since 1985. A recent scholar in residence at UNSW, Sydney she is the author of Create Your Art Career (2013, Allworth Press), Called or Not, Spirits are Present (2009, Blue Pearl Press), and contributed chapters for The Mindful Eye: Contemplative Pedagogies in Visual Arts Education (2016, Common Wealth Pub) and Starting Your Career in the Fine Arts (2011, Allworth Press).

Contemplative Inquiry: Mindfulness in the Design Studio

This interactive talk introduces mindfulness practice as part of the creative flow for the design studio. Through cultivating the ability to be present from moment to moment, participants will practice paying attention and reflecting on their creative process while developing a contemplative interpretation and entry point for their aesthetic. We will practice a variety of forms of contemplative inquiry including mindfulness meditation, creative visualization and mindful movement.

Participant takeaways:

1)  Learn how mindfulness meditation can impact the creative work flow and help to eliminate distractions in the studio

2)  Gain hands-on knowledge on the use of breath meditation and creative visualization as a reflection tools for your creative process

3)  Apply a variety of contemplative practices that include formal and informal practices, sitting and movement that you can practice in your own studio