A One-Day Summit For Female
Creative Business Leaders

September 22, 2024 | Denver, CO

You started out as a designer, or writer, or marketer. As someone whose job it was to make things.

And after years spent mastering your craft, you realize that making things isn’t the hard part anymore. 

You Know HOW to Create Things. NOW It’s Time to Create Change.

You bring more to the table than your ability to execute; your work is judged by your team’s success, not just yours. That means people are looking to you now as a business leader, and it’s not something we’re typically taught in school.  

Get ready for the second annual HOW Women Lead 2024 — an all-women summit for creative business leaders who are looking to uplevel their skills, position themselves for bigger roles and new challenges, and change the playing field for other women like you.  

While you know HOW already to be a powerful community for advancing your skills and connections via top-notch speakers, HOW Women Lead is uniquely curated and programmed specifically for you and women like you, who are ready to do more. 

For this special event, you’ll join your peers—managers, directors, and leaders of all stripes who have at least a decade or more in their roles—for a one-day summit where you’ll get to connect, share, and sharpen your skills critical at this stage in your career, and the next.  

This year, you’ll discover How Women …

  • Tell their stories — and uplevel their profiles  
  • Master the practice and politics of feedback 
  • Manage full-time parenting with full-time work 
  • See the future of marketing, and their role in it 
  • Evaluate and develop talent 
  • Go from idea execution to thought leadership 
  • Learn from their mistakes 
  • Negotiate their salaries, bonuses, and value 

This packed and fun day will feature engaging panel discussions, dynamic speakers, hands-on workshops, and the chance to connect with other women who know what you’re dealing with.  

Snaps from HOW Women Lead: Future Is Female 2023

HOW Women… 

Align their values with their work life and their life life

Operationalize their teams and improve performance—without burning out

Negotiate salary, jobs, opportunities, and relationships

Talk about money with their bosses (and each other)

Manage up, down & sideways

Unmute themselves so they can get a word in edgewise in any meeting and make space for more women at the table

Face off with their critics and do great work despite it

“Do not discount your ideas if you want to be heard.” Terri Trespicio at HOW Women Lead: Future Is Female 2023

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