Program Partners

How do we program the industry’s most talked-about conference? How do we book such compelling and sought-after speakers? We couldn’t do it without our 2024 HOW Program Advisors. They generously share their expertise and creativity with us—and with every HOW Design Live attendee. We thank them for all they do to help craft an amazing program with the most interesting and inspirational keynotes, brands, design leaders and how-to sessions. You’ll see some familiar faces and a few new ones for 2024 as our goal is always to provide relevant, unique and diverse speakers and sessions – and this group will not disappoint!  

Debbie Millman

She’s back! And given that she has been a mainstay of the conference for years and a driving force of inspiration and positivity in the design world at large, it probably comes as no surprise. The Design Matters host and industry legend constantly surprises and delights with the brilliant keynotes she brings to the HOW main stage each and every year. Simply put, HOW wouldn’t be HOW without them. 

Terri Trespicio

Terri’s TED Talk “Stop Searching for Your Passion” has racked up more than 7 million views—and for good reason. Hilarious, wise and refreshingly candid, she is a breath of fresh air on any stage. Over the years she has emceed HOW Design Live and also delivered sessions on topics critical to working creatives today. (Last year alone she riffed on everything from unmuting yourself and speaking up to finding your voice as a leader to negotiating for better pay.) No one tackles these big-picture business topics with such humor, flair and care. 

Alex Center

Wildly talented and wildly passionate, Alex went from attending HOW Design Live to being a keynote speaker—and his professional journey took him from Glaceau to Coca-Cola, where he served as Design Director until he founded his eponymous design and branding company, CENTER. As anyone who has seen any of his sessions or keynotes can attest, he brings sheer heart to the stage—and in many ways, he is a prime example of the heart of HOW Design Live. 

Fe Amarante

Fe is a creative leader with a remarkable resume: Senior Manager of Global Design at Hershey; VP of Design at andculture; Head of Brand Design and Senior Creative Director at Danone; Head of North American End-to-End Design at Coca-Cola; and, now, Founder & Principal at her own co-lab creative consultancy, Experimenta. But, beyond any positions, it’s Fe’s refreshing (and refreshingly human) way of thinking and her focus on sustainable creativity and empathy that truly sets her apart in the industry today.

Rachel Gogel

Rachel’s work dances across industries and showcases the true breadth of her creative capabilities, having worked in such roles as Design Director at GQ; Creative Director of the T Brand Studio at The New York Times; Head of Creative, Visual Systems, at Facebook; Creative Director at Godfrey Dadich; and a fractional design executive at numerous hubs today. Her innovative approach to her craft aligns with her belief in fostering inclusive spaces that unlock human potential.