Why Sponsor at HOW Design Live?

Each year, designers, marketers, and other creative professionals come to HOW Design Live to look for products and services that will help them solve design and marketing challenges, develop their skills, advance their careers and find inspiration to create amazing work. At HOW Design Live, your brand will be seen by some of the creative world’s most influential leaders, thinkers, and doers. Reach the A-List speakers and shot-calling attendees who visit the conference annually.

83% of sponsors say HOW Design Live is a
must-sponsor show.

85% of attendees directly purchase or recommend the purchase of design products and services found at HOW Design Live.

71% of attendees find new products and services at HOW Design Live.

74% of attendees found new products and services at HOW Design Live.

64% of attendees say this is the ONLY design-related event they attend all year!
60% of our attendees are new to the conference every year, creating a fresh pipeline of new prospects.


If you want to sell your product or service to creative professionals, HOW Design Live is the perfect place to be, but there are also intangible benefits to being a sponsor:


  • Tell Your Story: Do your prospective customers really know who you are, understand the history of your company and why your products/services are the best solution for your daily challenges? Have they seen all of your new products? One-on-one conversations with our attendees are the best way to educate potential customers on why you’re the best choice for them.
  • Develop Trust: People buy from companies and brands they trust, and in today’s marketplace, that trust is more important than ever. It’s nearly impossible to build it through an e-mail or from a website—and many attendees have said that their purchasing decisions have been shaped by positive and meaningful interactions they’ve had at HOW Design Live.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The decision not to be present at a conference can sometimes be much more detrimental than you know. If you are a company that is unable to invest time or money in exhibiting, you risk getting squeezed by bigger brands. What message are you sending to the buying audience when your company is noticeably absent? There are many different and exciting ways to a part of HOW Design Live with or without a physical presence.

We always look forward to attending HOW Design Live for the chance to meet or reconnect with so many creatives and also what is new and exciting in the world of design! There really is nothing like the community HOW has created and we are grateful to be a part of it!

Jackie Stumm-Martosella

Event Marketing Manager, Cella

Hosting the Makers Space at HOW Design Live 2023 was a great experience that allowed us to represent our brand in a caring way, reminding people that Hallmark is all about creativity. Our creative sense of purpose along with our #my5days message resonated with the design community that is grappling with what creative culture looks like for them today. It was our pleasure to create a space where HOW attendees could learn new things and bring home new ways of thinking and doing.

Allie Statler

Talent Development Consultant, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Every year, we look forward to HOW Design Live because we love nothing more than talking print with talented designers. Everyone always brings the best energy to HOW, and this year was no different. We’re already looking forward to HOW Design Live 2024!

Karin King

Commercial Printing Brand Manager, Sylvamo

It has never been more important to create spaces for young designers who are leading the conversations on today’s most pressing issues with their courage, tenacity and relentless curiosity. As a sponsor at the first ever How Women Lead, we were honored and proud to use our platform to showcase the work of five women of color who have made a powerful impact at ThoughtMatter as interns and hopefully design leaders of the future.

The Team at Thought Matter