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Ivan Cash | Creativity in a Time of Crisis

March 12, 2021

There’s no time like a crisis to roll up your sleeves and create. When the world is on fire and old paradigms fail, the need for artists and creators to step up and offer hope, invent new solutions, and inspire the future, is greater than ever. In this talk, multidisciplinary artist Ivan Cash shares his creative process and learnings from three unique passion projects that were completed during the COVID-19 pandemic. These projects respectively earned a Vimeo Staff Pick, and were featured in The Atlantic, Now This, Colossal, booooooom, Dance Magazine and involved collaborating with hundreds of people from around the world, including acclaimed choreographer Jacob Jonas.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Constraints Breed Creativity: You’ll be amazed with the new ideas that emerge when you let go of “normal” and embrace new constraints.
  • Articulate a Singular Vision: Make a treatment / deck at the beginning of a new creative project, as specific as possible, so you can share your vision with potential collaborators.
  • Reacting to Ever-Changing Circumstances: Know when to stick to your vision, when to break rules, and when to roll with the punches.

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