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Linda Quarles | The Closing Culture Gap Between Creative and Corporate Culture

March 12, 2021

With social media providing new levels of transparency and changing expectations of creative and tech talent, companies need to start competing not just on their customer experience, but on their employee experience as well. The next generation of talent with in-demand skills (you!) are seeking purpose-driven organizations, meaningful jobs, inclusive cultures, vibrant office environments, authentic and vulnerable leadership, psychological safety and belonging, and flexible work arrangements.

Whether leading or following in the culture race, each year more organizations are adding and growing design departments. Design is now pushing the boundaries of corporate recruiting priorities and policies. Today’s design talent creates new challenges for HR, operations and executives alike.

On the flip side, while the new talent landscape is demanding that employers evolve to attract diverse talent with new skills and capabilities, corporations are also demanding more of this new workforce. If designers want to sit side-by-side with strategy and line leadership, they need to learn core business skills as well as have excellent craft skills.

In this session, you’ll walk away with practical ways that, as a designer you can:

  • Push talent acquisition to think differently about design talent and recruiting policies.
  • How to apply your craft skills to the organization… as you approach your organization as a design challenge.
  • Uncover what you’re looking for in your next move or current team… whether in agency or corporate.

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