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Susan Cain | Quiet: How to Harness the Strength of Introverts

March 8, 2021

You might have been trained to think that being an introvert puts you at a disadvantage in the modern design world—and so it’s a relief, if not a revelation, when someone like bestselling author Susan Cain comes along and says just the opposite.

In this HOW Design Live keynote, Cain dispels with a host of modern business myths: that extroverts drive better results. That brainstorming is most effective in groups. That introverts should act like extroverts to thrive in the workplace.

As she asks, “How can you structure your organization so that the best ideas dominate, rather than those of the most vocal and assertive people? How do introverts’ and extroverts’ different personalities cause them to solve problems and evaluate risk differently? What do introverts know about creativity that the rest of us should learn?” In an insightful and energizing keynote suited for everyone from entry-level designers to hardened creative leaders, Cain answers just that.

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