HOW Design Live

Ignite Your Passion. Create Your Future.

May 2-6, 2017
Hyatt Regency Chicago

The HOWie Community

It’s More Than Just a Conference!

29349166500_120668472d_oHOW Design Live is all about connections. Every year, relationships form organically among HOW Design Live attendees and speakers —relationships that lead to opportunities and lifelong friendships. The power of the HOW Community is massive, inspiring, welcoming and easy to join.

“I attended my first HOW in Chicago at the urging of a friend. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I not only made several design connections, but also life long friends. I know that if I need them, my HOWIES will respond like the team of super heroes they are.”
—Julie Goldsberry, HOW Champion


You’ll find your tribe at HOW: a core group of fellow creatives who consider themselves “HOWies.”


HOWies …

  • Connect online before the conference to make new friends and plan meet-ups
  • Socialize during the conference, organizing pub crawls, morning walk/run sessions, lunch outings and more
  • Support each other year-round, offering everything from tips on using the latest InDesign shortcut to navigating sticky client situations
  • Refer work, job openings and clients to each other, as well as collaborate on projects
  • Rally HOWie resources to help one another during tough times
  • Become HOW Champions and HOW speakers, and even design the event marketing materials.



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