Amy TsangSenior Strategist Bulletproof

Amy Tsang is a Senior Strategist at Bulletproof, a brand design agency with studios in London, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore and Sydney.
Based in the London studio, at Bulletproof Amy provides strategic guidance under her personal work philosophy “it should never feel comfortable” for clients such as Bayer and Essity, having previously worked at Butterfly as a brand and innovation strategist on the likes of Pepsi, Unilever and Heineken. Having started her career in architecture, she is currently working on a side project around living in, building and experimenting with bamboo structures and growing food in the Colombian rainforest, that is, when she’s not helping out at her family restaurant waiting tables.

New World, New Rules: Three Pledges to Change the Agency Game

11/10/2020 4:15 – 4:45 PM

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