Rob HarriganLead Designer Y Media Labs

Rob Harrigan is a visual creative who is passionate about doing and building. They are currently a Lead Designer at Y Media Labs. Over the past seventeen years, they’ve used their creativity to elegantly communicate complex ideas and create emotional connections for clients ranging from start-ups to global institutions. Rob is proud of their wanderlust background: from art school to movie sets to world-class agencies, immersive experiences, and award-winning product design.

Outside of the office, Rob is never far from creativity — whether collaborating with their partner Stephanie in their studio, helping out running Steph’s art fashion start-up Kitschy Witch Designs™, or designing copious logos and brands for their hobbies.

Finding A New Creative Home During A Pandemic — Adapting Your Creativity for the Future

11/12/2020 3:30 – 4:00 PM

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