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2019 Dieline Awards Recap

When you give out a lot of awards, sometimes you need a recap, especially when you’re closing in on your tenth anniversary.

Last May, at Dieline Awards 2019, we handed out nearly 100 trophies across 29 categories to award the year’s best packaging design. Our panel of 19 judges—featuring the likes of Debbie Millman and Pum Lefebure—waded through over a thousand packaging submissions from agencies all over the world.

After a few rounds of thorough consideration and much head-scratching, our judges finally landed on this year’s overall Best In Show winner, Lind & Lime Gin by Scotland branding agency Contagious.

This beautiful, bespoke bottle was more than two years in the making for Scottish distillery Port of Leith and drew inspiration from the industrial buildings and old kilns that once dotted Leith’s shores. Plus, it quite literally stands out on the top shelf of any bar with its elegant silhouette and illuminating presence.

Also, if it seems like Jones Knowles Ritchie won everything, well, it’s because they did, as they won studio of the year for their work on such projects as Budweiser and those delightful Miller Harris perfumes wrapped in silk scarves topped with a whimsical pompom. They even dreamed up some delicious canned sardine packaging for Tesco that draws on old European charm, but with their typical modern flair. Plus, they won rebrand of the year for their work on Dunkin’.

Dieline founder Andrew Gibbs chose the sustainable, plastic-free beauty regimen Identité for the Editor’s Choice Award, as this hyper-connected package relies on your personal data—where you live and your environment, the latest style trends you’re following, and even your schedule, to tailor-make your skincare routine one week at a time.

And speaking of sustainability, Dieline gave out their first-ever Plastic-Free award in conjunction with non-profit A Plastic Planet to bottled water company Cove for their compostable and marine-degradable packaging made from PHA.

We could also tell you about the after-party, but you kind of had to be there.

All the more reason for you to throw your hat in the ring and enter this year’s Dieline Awards, as we will once again return to HOW Design Live in Boston this upcoming May for our tenth-anniversary show. You won’t want to miss it.