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2020: Mastering the Art of the Creative Pivot

The pandemic has caused a lot of pivots—and these four sessions will help you navigate the times with grace and gusto.

2020, for so many of us, has been a masterclass in the art of the pivot. (Heck, at HOW Design Live HQ alone, that meant moving our event six months out, and then ultimately going virtual.)

For those of us blessed to have our health, we have all navigated the challenges of the pandemic in different ways—and that includes, of course, our amazing lineup of HOW Design Live speakers.

Here is a collection of can’t-miss sessions that we expect to be particularly poignant when the event kicks off Nov. 10!

  • Creativity in a Time of Crisis, with Ivan Cash

Filmmaker and artist Ivan Cash has never been known to stand idly by. And throughout the course of the pandemic, he has created three powerful and moving projects that have been covered everywhere from The Atlantic to Dance Magazine.

How do you continue to produce work in the face of such traumatic times? Cash will break it down, and show how constraints can truly breed poignant creativity.

  • There is No New Normal—Only the Future You Create, with Scott Morrison

Morrison puts it bluntly: “There are businesses that thrive. And those that will die. Which do you want to be in?”

In this session—coming at a time when it feels the universe is so often the one calling all the shots—Morrison seeks to empower you to take the reins of your own future. Here, he’ll get you primed to actively create your tomorrow, finding comfort in the discomfort as you write your next chapter.

  • Power to the People, with Alex Sinclair

It doesn’t matter what type of design work you do, or who you do it for—channeling emotion is something that can truly elevate a project to the transcendent. And it’s something that can be more powerful than ever in our current era that is simultaneously so connected and disconnected.

“Figuring out how to anticipate, predict and delight the unpredictable, quirky factor that is human nature has never been so difficult or so completely challenging,” Sinclair details. “Learn why provocations are a powerful way to communicate, how stories make the world go around and why technology must be in service to those who use it.”

  • The DNA of Remote Creative Teams: How to Bring Together People, Process and Tech, with Melissa Talcott

Workfront knows a thing or two about successful pivots—after all, they pivoted their entire company to a fully remote operation in less than 12 hours. And in this session with studio manager Melissa Talcott, she’ll reveal some of the magic that keeps teams inspired and aligned, while showing how to embrace agile fundamentals and tech that truly works for you.