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How and why to get a dream job in Voice Tech with Jen Heape | Dream Job Ready EP44 Dream Job Ready

Hello and thank you for discovering Dream Job Ready! Season 2 is here with a bang and we kick off the new series by interviewing Voice Tech expert, Jen Heape, in Episode 44.

Jen is COO and co-founder of Vixen Labs – UK’s leading voice consultancy and design studio.

Smart Speakers, Voice Assistants and voice-centric apps (think Clubhouse) are radically changing the way we interact with technology at home, at work, and in the classroom. It’s an exciting industry and one that’s going to dominate the next decade.

With expertise in linguistics and over a decade of experience leading creative teams, Jen heads up the voice product output of Vixen Labs. She brings intellectual and creative rigor to voice design and is passionate about how conversational technologies can affect real change in our lives, right now. With a particular interest in the psychology behind voice-based interactions, she seeks to push at the technological constraints of today to create bold new applications.

Jen’s specialism lies in the pioneering field of voice strategy and voice user experience (VUX), covering all areas of conversational experience design, such as use case definition, user journey mapping, interaction design, character development, and tone of voice creation.

She regularly speaks internationally on all things voice, especially around ethics and biases in conversational technologies, as well as deep dives on the innovative principles of voice design.

I first met Jen back in 2009, when she freelanced with me and Rip Curl during a Rip Curl surfing event in Portugal. Jen helped me with content creation and website articles pre, during, and post-event, and I’m super proud of the career she’s gone on to create.

If you’re looking for a new dream job or exploring new industries to call home, hit play and learn some more about Voice Tech and the opportunities that exist.

On top of discussing all things voice, Jen and Dane share advice about what to do and what not to do during interviews, why networking is essential and where to invest energy in your job search.

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