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Hallmark at HOW Design Live 2022

This year, HOW Design Live is partnering with Hallmark to create an incredible onsite brand experience in Boston!

Kristi Heeney-Janiak will be sharing the Hallmark Brand Story in a breakout session. Then she and her team will continue the conversation in the Exhibit Hall around their #My5Days initiative and talent exchange program. You’ll also be able to connect with their creatives in mini-workshops in our first ever “Maker Space.”


Hallmark’s Sr. Director of Employee Experience, Kristi Heeney-Janiak, is gracing the HOW Design Live stage next month to share the insights she has gathered over her nearly 30-year career journey at Hallmark. Crucial perceptions of her experiences including, driving organizational leadership and team excellence through roles in customer development, retail training, HR, Creative, and now Hallmark Global.

More about Kristi.

Along with this exploration, she discovered her passion for coaching talent. She quickly realized the true power of culture in elevating the skills and mindsets of the current and future Hallmark leaders.

Over the years, Kristi has also built partnerships with major brands like Disney, Starbucks, and Tiffany & Co with the intention of sharing best practices in developing talent and creating an engaging culture.

What you’ll learn at Kristi’s session.

Kristi’s session at HOW Design Live will focus on fostering a culture of creativity that encourages talent to bring their imaginations to work while adding original ideas and ultimately value in a way that may not otherwise be realized. In this colorful session, we’ll get to know Hallmark’s award-winning creative community—one of the world’s largest, most-renowned innovative in-house organizations.

We’ll hear about their journey to define a clear sense of purpose and the commitment to artistic exploration that resulted enterprise-wide. With innovative initiatives like the Hallmark Creative Leadership Symposium and #My5Days, Hallmark’s purpose-driven creative culture has become a hallmark across the industry and one to which we all might aspire.

Key takeaways:​​​

  1. How to build and foster a creative culture
  2. How to step away to learn and explore
  3. How to bring new thinking and perspectives back into your work

Kristi’s perspectives.

In bringing these perspectives to Hallmark, Kristi has found so many ways to break away from the typical processes and infuse modern thinking into the teams and individuals who make up Hallmark’s Global Creative Community, one of the largest in the world.

As the team leader dedicated to developing and maintaining a thriving culture of thinkers, makers, and leaders, Kristi is a catalyst who drives Hallmark Global’s leadership forward and raises the overall profile of the company’s creative organization. Simply put: her life’s pursuit has been helping everyone become the best version of themselves.

In this spirit, Kristi is coming to HOW Design Live with some of the creative visionaries on her team to help lead our first-ever Maker Space! The Maker Space will be a series of workshops that feature best-in-class professionals sharing their unique skills with attendees. Hallmark’s workshops will be covering Hand lettering and Color theory. HOWies will be able to spend some hands-on time together with Hallmark’s own making “Hand Lettering” projects and exploring “Color Through a Trend Lens.” In our Exhibit Hall on Monday and Tuesday.


Workshops – “Hand Lettering”

Join the Hallmark Lettering Studio for a crash course in everything envelope hand lettering. In this workshop, you will learn to level up your envelope lettering skills when sending cards to loved ones by incorporating different lettering styles that elevate the card-sending experience.

Hallmark’s own Chris Russell will lead this workshop. Chris has never stopped growing as an artist. In 2016, he started at Hallmark Cards as a production designer in the Greetings Department while continuing to explore other creative media. A #my5days typeface design workshop in 2018 led Chris to discover a passion for lettering. After mentoring under Jim Langford, he now works as a Hallmark lettering artist partnering with various departments and product lines within Hallmark and tailoring custom hand lettering to suit each project. He is a big fan of Kansas City and an even bigger fan of his kids.

You can learn more about the #my5days program here!

“Color through a Trend Lens”

Join the Hallmark Global Trends Studio for an inspiring, hands-on exploration of how the colors we use in design convey meaning and shape the consumer experience. In this workshop, you’ll learn the process of building compelling color palettes through a variety of creative exercises. We will discuss how trends influence color and look at overarching color trends for 2022.