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HOW Design Live 2023 Speakers on Reflex Blue Show Podcasts

Explore creativity and innovation in our new blog post showcasing engaging podcasts from the Reflex Blue Show. Dive into the insights, wisdom, and inspiration of HOW Design Live 2023 speakers as they explore the intricacies of design through the dynamic medium of podcasting.

Jenn Lederer, Comedian and Keynote Speaker, Jenn Lederer, LLC

Bill Gardner, Owner and President, Gardner Design

Alice Waterman, Managing Director, BrandOpus & Rebecca Williams, Creative Director, BrandOpus

Ben Greengrass, Creative Director, ThoughtMatter & Jessie McGuire, Managing Partner, ThoughtMatter

Shayna Kulik, Creative Director, Author and Artist, Pattern Pulp Studio

Carl Gerhards, Senior Director, Design, Pepsi North America

Emily Mills, Principal, Flavor Graphics

Jadalia Britto, Head of Design | North America Home Care, Personal Care & Tom’s of Maine, Colgate-Palmolive

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