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Last Call for Creativity and Community!

There have been two major “Ps” that we haven’t been able to escape in 2020: the pandemic and politics.


With HOW Design Live, we’ve designed what we believe is a poultice for the creative soul, at a moment when we so many of us need it most.

HOW Design Live 2020 starts TOMORROW. And with the kickass program we have lined up, we can promise, in spades:









Transformative truths.

And, of course, design delights, tips, and new skills galore.

We’ve gone to the ends of the (virtual) Earth and back to ensure that this is a HOW Design Live like no other—and not just because it’s online. We’ve turned the awesomeness up to 11 with our programming, and can’t wait to share it all with you.

(And hey: To that end, here’s a code to provide you with the early bird rate of $199, because we put our money where our mouths are.)

Discount code (or click the link below):  LASTCALL

See you soon, HOWies!

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