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Podcasts to Help You Stay Engaged During Social Distancing

COVID-19 news coverage is everywhere. It’s easy to get swept up reading about (and obsessing over) the constant updates, and while it’s important to stay informed, mental breaks are important. Today we’re sharing a few podcast episodes from members of the HOW community on a variety of topics to help you get through.

The Experience Design Podcast with Tony Daussat
Discover Gravity: the Coronavirus Episode  

We’re really looking forward to having Tony at HOW Design Live 2020. In this short episode, Tony’s got some encouraging words to help keep you going. “Just because we have to stay behind closed doors, doesn’t mean we have to actually keep the door closed, (metaphorically speaking of course).” 

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown
Episode 1: Brené on FFTs

We love Brené Brown. We loved having her at HOW Design Live back in 2015, and we’re big fans of her newest project: the Unlocking Us podcast. Brene breaks down the importance of acknowledging how hard new things can be – and we’re all new at this shared collective experience that COVID-19 has given us. Definitely worth a listen.

Design Better Podcast by Invision
Making Remote Teams work with Stephen Gates + Jennifer Aldrich

HOW Design Live 2020 speakers Gates and Aldrich are well-versed when it comes to working remotely. If this period of transition has been difficult for you to adjust to, this episode has some great ideas on how to deal.

Marketing Mentor Podcast with Ilise Benun
Perseverance as a Creative Business Owner with Michael E. Stern

As one of our programming partners for HOW Design Live, Ilise has got her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the design and marketing world. In this episode, Ilise talks with Michael E. Stern share great advice on perseverance that can be used by anyone looking to transition to being their own boss. We love her positive vibes that we’ll all come out of this better and stronger – check it out.

The Chase Jarvis Live Show
Self-Care Reboot + Choose Wonder over Worry with Amber Rae

We thought both of these episodes from 2020 Main Stage speaker Chase Jarvis were worth checking out. The term “self-care” is thrown around a lot, but it’s a really important concept to keep in mind. Chase gives great insight on how to reboot your self-care routine – especially if your routines have gotten way off track. 

Another great episode worth checking out: Chase interviews artist, entrepreneur, and author Amber Rae. You can find both episodes here.