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Resolutions – HOW Design TODAY January 2024

New Year’s resolutions often feel like you’re strapping a 500-pound iron weight to yourself every Jan. 1.

Quit [insert habit] cold turkey! Start [insert trending diet] tomorrow morning!

When we set our sights on, say, doing yoga five times a day with meditation breaks and a couple gallons of water intake in between, our intentions are good … but we’re often setting ourselves up for disappointment by dealing ourselves an annual, often impossible benchmark for a life well lived.

So rather than recite the usual cliched goals, we’ve decided to simply strive for healthy habits and instead turn our attention to a realm we know well, a realm where we have home-field advantage: Design! We’ve spent the early days of 2024 redesigning the next evolution of HOW Design Live—and our goal this year is simply to make the show that much better by taking what you love most and turning it up to 11. We’ve got a revolutionary yet realistic plan (no fasting required), and we can’t wait to share everything we have in store for you.

At the same time, we were curious about what your design resolutions are this year. So we asked in an email last week. Here is a collection of our favorite responses, starting with the design team over at Taxi Studio in the U.K.

Happy 2024. May it be a brilliant year for you and your work—and may we all celebrate together this summer!


“Continue to create unforgettable brand design. Look beyond books for inspiration, spend more time looking at the wider world of the creative industry—through music, architecture, film/TV, video games.

“Interrogate new technologies such as AI/AR/VR while maintaining purpose and reason in using them, not just exploiting gimmicks.

“Help strive towards making the design industry more inclusive and attainable for the next generation of designers.

“Form real relationships by engaging more in social events, talks and other real-life experiences happening in all creative industries.

“Lastly, [get] loose! Stop judging our own ideas too harshly early on in the process of a project, giving ourselves the freedom to experiment and play.”

Taxi Studio


“My 2024 design resolution: to grow my collaborative branding design consultancy globally—oh yeah, and to post a different LinkedIn profile pic.”

—Deny Ehrlich, Creative Director, Deny Ehrlich Branding


“… Be persistent and follow my intuition.”

Chee Wei Potter, AVP Art/Creative, Hobby Lobby


“To use design for the health of my community in at least three big ways.”

Amanda Vance, Communications Director, Angels of Assisi


“I want to get back to my roots of being a maker! Drawing, painting, creating collages with mixed mediums—doing creative DIY projects is what led me to the world of design in the first place. Being a maker is what kept my passion for design alive in the past. If I want to become a healthier version of myself, I need to reinvest in hobbies that make me feel alive and bring joy.”

Darcy Hinrichs, Senior UI/Visual Designer, Scentsy


“Take more time to understand the problem I am trying to solve.”

—Shannon Denny, Manager of Brand and Visual Communications, MonoSol, A Kuraray Company


“Simplify, simplify, smplfy.”

—Jon Hall, Senior Production Designer, Tonic by Highmark Health


“In the upcoming year, my primary focus revolves around advancing my understanding in user interface design and exploring the impact of AI on design practices. I’m also challenging myself to engage in a more regular reading routine to deepen my knowledge, refine my skills and stay up to date with industry advancements.”

Jean Santangelo, Senior Design Manager, MDVIP


“To get better. It’s the same resolution every year.”

—Scott Bruno, Owner, b graphic design