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Top 30 HOW Design Live Podcast Episodes

As we look ahead at 2020 (and the celebration of our 30th anniversary in Boston this May!), it’s a great time to look back on some of our top podcast episodes. Here are 30 episodes to inspire your creativity, broken up by some of our most popular topics like design leadership and the trends for the future of design.


Podcasts on Design Leadership

  1. Stephen Gates on How In-House Creatives Can Gain More Influence
  2. Gaemer Guttierez on Creatives in Leadership 
  3. Jamie Myrold on Design Leadership
  4. Nasdaq’s Director of UX Aaron Irizarry on the Journey from Designer to Design Manager
  5. Ed Roberts on What In-House Design Managers Need to Know

Trends for the Future of Design

  1. Kenn Fine on Modern Branding and the Value of Design
  2. Dave Brown on Virtually Distributed Creative Teams That Work
  3. Connie Birdsall on Branding for The Customer of the Future 
  4. Giorgia Lupi on How She Uses Data to Tell Human Stories
  5. Michael Solomon on Designing for the Attention Economy
  6. Tim Irvine of Fjord on The Future of Role of Designers
  7. Jean-Pierre Lacroix on VR & AR in Design
  8. Scott Boylston on How to Use Design for a Purpose
  9. Doug Powell on the Future of Design
  10. What Will You Do When Your Design Skills Become Obsolete?

Episodes to Ignite Your Creativity

  1. Kevin Carroll on How You Show Up
  2. Andy Molinsky on How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
  3. Allen Gannett on the Secret Behind Creative Success
  4. Adam Kurtz on Monetizing His Personal Work
  5. Dorie Clark on Your Inner Entrepreneur
  6. Zachary Petit on Quotations That Inspire Creativity
  7. Terri Trespicio on Passion Projects

Inspiration for Freelancer Designers

  1. Tiffany Butler on 3 Ways to Create Content from a Speaking Engagement
  2. Bryn Mooth on Self Employment & Self Confidence
  3. Ilise Benun on How to Attract Your Ideal Design Clients
  4. Eleanor Handley on How to Confidently Communicate Your Ideas
  5. J’net Smith on Licensing Opportunities for Creators
  6. Dora Drimalas on How Hobbies Become Thriving Businesses
  7. Michael e. Stern on Negotiating with Confidence
  8. Kristian Andersen on Investing in Your Client’s Business