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Transform Your Creative Work

Does it sometimes feel like you’re living a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? It’s not uncommon for creative teams to feel overloaded with work from every angle and left feeling disconnected—not only from the team or the customer, but from the work itself. Digitization efforts over the last decade have helped advance creative work in many ways, but in other ways have created siloed teams overwhelmed with tools, pressured to get more done faster.

This problem is aggravated by different teams in marketing having different tools, using different procedures, collaboration practices, management methods, and data measurements. What’s left is a disconnected marketing team in the midst of the digital age.

What modern creative teams need is a more modern approach to work. Email, IMs, phone calls, spreadsheets, and sticky notes have now become outdated tools that don’t allow creative teams to  manage projects efficiently and connect work at scale. You’re probably screaming and beating your head against the wall, asking for something new, something better, but for some reason, you’re still having to use primitive tools because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

You don’t deserve this headache! Modern work management demands a functional operational system of record that sits at the heart of your workflow and your tech stack and has the power to transform your work from traditional, siloed, and slow-to-market, to modern, connected, and agile.

Here are three tips to help your creative team transform to meet the demands of the modern market:

Transform your work from traditional to modern

Move you work and processes from analog to digital, and implement modern tools to help you manage your work in the modern workplace. Without this, you can’t get the real-time data and visibility needed to prove your creative team’s value. And let’s face it, they’re pretty dang awesome. Of course, with a central operational system of record and more efficient processes, it’s natural that the velocity of work is going to rise. The good news is that the automation of administrative work and increased productivity are also natural byproducts of modern work tools.

Transform your work from siloed to connected

No one likes unnecessary fat. By putting your work in one place, you can eliminate excess tools and integrate the rest. With a digitization strategy that centers around an operational system of record, creative teams become more connected and aligned, and collaboration happens right in the context of work. The biggest benefit of all is that your entire creative team remains connected with the needs of internal customers, showcasing you value to the world.

Transform your work from rigid to agile

Work processes shouldn’t contribute to missed deadlines, project delays, or slower-than-it-should-be delivery to market. But the wrong methodology for your team can do just that. A functional system of record allows each creative team to work in their methodology of choice without negatively impacting the work of those around them. This increases on-time delivery rates and gets better work out the door faster. With agile flexibility, comes boosted morale, improved accountability, and a surge in productivity.

Transform your creative work

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