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Using Data to Take Your Design to the Next Level

As Petrula Vrontikis has said, “Practice safe design: Use a concept.” 

For so long now, design has been about so much more than just cranking out a cool-looking piece of craft. As time and experience prove again and again, the more work we put into a project up front before even turning to our software suite of choice, the better off our eventual work will be. 

And that’s about more than just securing buy-in from some allies in the C-suite. It’s about research and data, which shape our ideas, correct our assumptions and steer our creations toward results.  

Of course, it’s easy to say that we should be putting in more research up front. How’s it actually done in a meaningful way?

At HOW Design Live 2020, we have two sessions that are geared toward exactly that, whether you’re looking to infuse your work with an underpinning of thoughtful research for the first time, or to take a deeper dive into the world of data:

Of course, data’s role in design doesn’t have to be limited to the screen. What if we could use it to optimize ourselves? In her session Designer in the Mirror: Finding Your Data to Grow, IBM Design Lead Alison Entsminger will show attendees how they can turn their design skills inward to improve their creative output.

Come crunch the numbers with us at the No. 1 conference for creatives. As our follow-up research with attendees has shown, it can truly take your craft and career to the next level. Register today!