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What’s YOUR HOW Design Live?

With a  smorgasbord of sessions, the benefit of HOW Design Live is choice: as many as five different sessions in each time slot.

That’s also the challenge of HOW Design Live: How do you pick which session of those five to attend?

And it’s the beauty of HOW Design Live: You get to script the experience that’s most beneficial to you.

With the conference about two weeks away, you’ll want to plan out your customized agenda. To help you choose, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What skills do you think you need to add to your repertoire?
  • Are you looking for creative inspiration, practical how-to info, or a mix of both?
  • What design skills do you want to polish? (Think: typography, logo design, digital design)
  • What “soft” skills do you want to work on? (Think: communication, collaboration)
  • How much downtime do you need to build into your itinerary?
  • What are your “must” sessions? Your “want” sessions?

Here’s a sampling of sessions you’ll want to consider as you’re addressing your specific career needs …

You’re looking to rejuvenate your creative spirit:

Ten Things to Zap So You Can Zing with Sam Harrison

Design the Live You Love with Ayse Birsel

Designer Therapy: You’re Not Alone with Justin Ahrens

Never Settle with Jacquelyn DeJesu

Design Matters Live: Debbie Millman with Chase Jarvis

You’re a newly promoted design manager:

So You’re a Manager Now with Amy Schwartz

Open for Business: Vulnerability in the Workplace with IBM’s Devin O’Bryan

We Make the Call: How Better Team Decision Making Improves Design Quality with David Sherwin and Mary Sherwin

In-House Powerhouse: How to Build & Manage an Empowered In-House Team with Stephen Gates

What Persists: People, Process, and Performance with Twitter design producer Josh Silverman

You’re an indie creative pro looking for business advice:

Building Your Brand as a Creative Professional with keynote presenter Dorie Clark

The Perfect Portfolio with Michael Janda

The Worst Negotiating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them with Ilise Benun

Rock the Boat, Baby! The Art of Saying No with Emily Cohen

Designers & Clients: Divided by a Common Language with Christine Mau

You’re looking to develop your marketing muscles:

Bringing Designers & Marketers Together with Elizabeth Darragh and Jonathan Cleveland

Why (and How) To Marry Effective Marketing & Meaningful Design with Aaron Keller

How Marketers Can Unlock Value and Drive Growth with Dara Treseder of GE Ventures

From Gift Wrapper to Strategic Partner: How Creatives Can Shift the Perception of Their Work with Douglas Spencer

And the full HOW Marketing Live program

You work on packaging and other manifestations of a brand identity:

The Brand is Just the Beginning with Target Creative VP Scott Swartz

A Complete Look at the Upcoming Year in Logo Trends with Bill Gardner

The Evolution and Future of Brand Experience with MT Cassidy

The Story Behind Chobani’s Brand Relanch with the company’s CCO Leland Maschmeyer

Who Cares About Packaging Anymore with Hamish Campbell

You want to polish your digital design skills:

Approaching Design with Accessibility in Mind with Reginé Gilbert

Quick UX Research Methods with Patrick McNeil

Designing a New Reality: Chatbots, VR & Beyond with Val Head

Supporting Design: Using Research to Inspire Designers with Meena Kothandaraman

Of course, this is just a snapshot of all the sessions available, and you’re in charge of designing your ideal HOW program. Ready to create your customized HOW Design Live experience? Here are your steps: