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Why apply design thinking to artificial intelligence?

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Everyone can play a role in how their team innovates with AI.

Teams need a diverse set of minds and skill sets to create something useful, intuitive, and responsible. The Team Essentials for AI Course will give you the language, knowledge, and actionable methods to work alongside technical and non-technical members of your team to create AI solutions.

Team Essentials for AI Course

In this course, you’ll:learn our AI Essentials Framework: a set of activities, tools, and principles that enable teams to create thoughtful, human-centered AI solutions work through a fictional case study to see how a team could use this framework collect resources that you can apply on your team immediately

“This course teaches people how to collaborate with their teams to create impactful, responsible, and human-centric AI.”
Adam Cutler, Distinguished Designer, AI Design and Cognitive Enterprises

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