How do you find good clients — the ones who value your expertise enough to pay you what you’re worth? That’s the question we’ll answer in this new virtual event  – The How Design Creative Freelance Summit – curated by Ilise Benun and tailored to self employed creative professionals, from solopreneurs to small agency owners.)



Coffee Break Sponsorship

  • 15-minute networking session hosted by sponsor
  • 60-Second video can play at the beginning of the break
  • Opportunity to direct attendees to a custom exit URL at the conclusion of the session

Wrap-up Networking Session

  • 30-minute discussion led by sponsor to conclude the day
  • HOW team to produce a custom landing page
    with company branding, product images, list exclusive discounts, opportunity to embed company commercial and mention in HOW Design TODAY Newsletter.

To learn more about sponsoring our The HOW Creative Freelance Summit or other sponsorship opportunities, contact Amy Conover today!