HOW Design Live is all about connections. Every year, relationships form organically among HOW Design Live attendees, and even among attendees and speakers—relationships that lead to opportunities and lifelong friendships. The power of the HOW Community is massive, inspiring, welcoming and easy to join. You’ll find your tribe at HOW: a core group of fellow creatives who call themselves “HOWies.”
Connect online before the conference to make new friends and plan meet-ups.
Support each other year-round, offering everything from tips on using the latest InDesign shortcut to navigating sticky client situations.

Socialize during the conference, organizing pub crawls, morning walk/run sessions, lunch outings and more.

Refer work, job openings and clients to each other, as well as collaborate on projects.

Rally HOWie resources to help one another during tough times.


What is a HOW Design Live Conference Ambassador? The Ambassadors are HDL attendees that love and support this conference and have become the embodiment of everything HOW Design Live represents: Creativity, Inspiration, Leadership and COMMUNITY. They are designers, managers, teachers, students, mentors and catalysts in all areas of the creative industry. The Ambassadors’ primary goal is to ensure that every HDL Attendee enjoys the full extent of the HOW Design Live Conference experience. Being an Ambassador is not limited to the 5 days of the conference, they commit themselves year-round to keep the spirit of creativity and kinship alive in the design community.


Keith ‘Smitcat’ Smith