Kristi Heeney-Janiak Hallmark Cards

Kristi has spent her nearly 30-year Hallmark career driving organizational, leadership, and team excellence through roles in customer development, retail training, HR, Creative and now Hallmark Global. Along this journey, she discovered her passion for coaching talent and realized the true power of culture in elevating the skills and mindsets of current and future Hallmark leaders. Over the years, Kristi has also built partnerships with major brands like Disney, Starbucks and Tiffany & Co with the intention of sharing best practices in developing talent and creating an engaging culture. In bringing those perspectives back to Hallmark, Kristi has found so many ways to break away from the typical processes and infuse new thinking into the teams and individuals who make up Hallmark’s Global Creative Community, one of the largest in the world. As the leader of a team dedicated not just to developing but maintaining a thriving culture of thinkers, makers, and leaders, Kristi is a catalyst who drives Hallmark Global’s leadership forward and raises the overall profile of the company’s creative organization. Simply put: her life’s pursuit has been helping everyone become the best version of themselves.

Inspiring a Purpose Driven Creative Culture

5/22/2022 4:00 – 4:45 PM