Rania SvoronouDesign Director IBM iX

Rania is a global award-winning design leader who started as a graphic designer in Athens, Greece, studied and worked in London, and is now a Design Director at IBM iX based in Manhattan, NY. She is a keynote / TEDx speaker, guest lecturer, and industry mentor at some of the world’s best universities and has been invited to judge and mentor across the world. Rania aims to help bridge the gap between design and business and empower more women into the world of design & technology. She works at the intersection of design, business, and technology and has already won the title of one of the women under 30 who determine the digital experiences around the world, including her on the list of Business Insider 2020 “Top 40 rising stars of Madison Ave.” who are revolutionizing advertising

How to be a creative and resilient leader

10/20/2021 10:00 – 10:45 AM

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