Raquel BreternitzDesign Leader + Strategist

Raquel Breternitz is an award-winning design leader + strategist with a resume spanning service as Elizabeth Warren’s Design Director and with USCIS Asylum and Refugee, to private sector credits at the New York Times, Pivotal Labs, and IBM. She has also spoken at Lesbians Who Tech, PluralSightLIVE, Wonder Women in Tech, and O’Reilly Design.

Raquel’s work and speaking topics are connected by a passion for accessibility and inclusion, research-driven design thinking, and a hunger for tackling complex and challenging problems. She believes in strong, empathetic leadership for empowered, creative design teams. Outside of her day job, she loves to write, illustrate, make comics, and take pictures of her cat.

Inclusive, Accessible Principles from the Warren Presidential Design Team, to Yours

10/21/2021 11:00 – 11:45 AM

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