Victor YoccoUX Research Director EY-Intuitive

Victor Yocco, PhD is a UX research director at EY-Intuitive, a Philadelphia-based design studio. Victor writes and speaks on topics related to the application of principles of psychology to design, UX research methods, mental health and alcohol abuse.
Victor works with clients across industries, from finance and insurance, to aerospace and higher education. Victor has written for A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, UX Booth and many other industry publications. He has also written Design for the Mind, a book on the application of principles of psychology to design from Manning Publications.
Victor loves to speak and has appeared on numerous podcasts including User Defenders and Scott Hanselman’s Hanselminutes. You can find Victor @victoryocco or send him a nice message at

Designing for Attention

11/12/2020 11:00 – 11:30 AM

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