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Chris Wilkinson | Research Without Reason is Chaos

April 27, 2021

Devbridge director of product design Chris Wilkinson will be back in action for our HOW Design Creative Leadership summit May 10–11—and if we’re being honest, we’re still basking in the brilliance of his HOW Design Live 2020 virtual session.

Last fall, Wilkinson invoked what to many is the dreaded ‘R’ word—research. But in “Research Without Reason is Chaos,” he revealed how the right research can truly be transformative—and how we can go about seizing upon the facts and embracing solutions without getting lost in the woods of data overload, and the weeds of a million details.

“Research can help us in a lot of different ways,” Wilkinson said. “It can help us to gain new understanding of a domain we don’t have experience in, and help us expand our own horizons in terms of the industries and the problems that we’re able to tackle. It can help us discover new potential solutions that we haven’t considered before. And it can help us validate any hypotheses that we might have about how a product should work. It’s kind of a multitool to help us understand different aspects of what it means to design great products and to make great designs.”

How you wield that multitool most effectively is exactly what Wilkinson focused on in the session—and you can watch the whole thing for free right now to take your research game to the next level.

Here’s what attendees thought:

  • A lot of actionable takeaways—very useful, thank you!”
  • “Liked the idea of simplifying the concept of the client prioritizing by changing verbiage to: Now, Soon, Later, Someday.”
  • “The breakdown of how to prioritize the action items … was intriguing.”

All told, we’re opening up the HOW Design Live video vault to share some of our most viewed and top-rated sessions from the past five years. These videos have only been accessible to registered attendees in the past, so we hope you enjoy this peek into previous HOW Design Live talks.

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